Mountain Mist fiberfills are formulated to fill each project with pride. Choose Fiberloft® – our premium fiberfill – when you need a versatile dry packing fiber. When you want a fabulously plush fiberfill that is ultra huggable, you need UltraFluff®. Of course, for those wanting a touch of elegance in their project, A Touch of Silk® is the fiberfill for you. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with Mountain Mist fiberfills.

Fiberloft Fiberfill

100% premium quality polyester fiber that is easy to use and ideal for toys, soft crafts, decorations, pillows, etc.

Ultra Fluff Fiberfill

a slick, premium fiberfill that offers the smooth, satiny feel you desire in those embraceable creations. A super soft, slight, and silky-smooth 100% polyester fill that stuffs further than other products and does not bunch or bind.

Super Fluff Fiberfill

made with an exclusive blend of 100% polyester that is slick to the touch with a smooth consistency. It’s the ideal fiberfill fluff to use for all types of craft and home décor projects.

Eco-Craft Fiberfill

environmentally friendly, naturally-based craft fiber. Eco-Craft offers the performance of synthetics and the peace of mind of natural materials.

How to Use Fiberfill

Step 1

Grab and handful of fiber from the bag and fluff.


Step 2

Using a small piece of fiberfill stuff into the opening.


Step 3

Use a pencil, chop stick or Sillito when pushing fiber into small spaces, corners.


Step 4

On larger projects such as large pillows. Fill corners first and the body of pillow smoothing the fiber surface along the way.

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